Hello, my name is Paul

I'm a FullStackWebDeveloper & Project Manager based in Tacoma, WA

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My first "Hello, World" program was in Java when I was taking a computer science course during my sophomore year in college. I failed that course because of pure laziness, but I was fascinated on how I was able to create anything on my computer....just not in Java. I decided to take a three month coding program where I became proficient in the LAMP Stack while dabbling with the MEAN Stack.

I am also a experienced project manager. I attained my project management certification from the University of Washington in 2018 and I am currently a project manager at OpenSquare. My primary role is to be accountable for developing the scope, schedule, budget, and resources needed for each concurrent project(s) across all Amazon campuses located in Seattle. I lead and facilitate a team of 10 - 15 crew members ranging from installers, foreman, designers, project coordinators, and movers.


  • Korean-American
  • Christian
  • Coffee Connoisseur
  • "Occasional" Beer Consumer
  • Basketball Player | Avid San Antonio Spurs & Seattle SuperSonics [They will come back] fan
  • Don't Skip Leg Day Advocate
  • Hiking for the Gram
  • Perfecting the Happy Gilmore Swing

You can reach me for an inquiry via email atpaul.s.kwon24@gmail.comor more information about myself: